My first destination of choioce would easily be Europe.  With it’s rich history, blend of cultures, and wide range of comforts, there are several places on the continent that I would love to see and visit.  I’d probably like to work my way around in a circular route.

I’d probably start in the United Kingdom.  I’d like to see all the sites and sounds of London and explore its history.  Then, I would move north to Cheshire County, and then on to Scotland.  These last two locations are the homes of my ancestors, and I’ve always wanted to explore my family roots.  Ireland would be a good way to end things so that I could learn to drink like an Irishman before my trip under the English Channel through the Chunnel.   Like everyone else, Paris is definitely a point o finterest for me.  I’d love to see the historical sites, eat at it’s famous cafes, and get a taste of real wine country in the French countryside.  I’d then hop on a train for Germany to see their famous castles and beer halls.  I’d like to top off that trip with a relaxing day in the Munich Beer Gardens.  From Germany, I’d probably go straight to St. Petersburg in Russia.  I’ve always had an interest in the historical value of this ancient city, and I think it has a lot ot offer.  From there, I’d probably skip over most of the Balkans to fly to Istanble in Turkey.  When talking about a mixing pot and culture clash, this is the place I think of.  It’s where Europe meets Asia, and is one of the most important cities in history.  I think a cruise from there to Greece and Italy would then be appropriate.  This is primarily for the food.  Greek and Italian cuisine is my all time favorite, and one of my favorite relaxation meals is wine with cheese, bread, and olive oil, so these places would be perfect.  I’d then probably wrap everything up by heading to Spain to stay at a nice Mediterranean resort or something before flying out.

Of course, this is all only if I had unlimited time and money, but there is a more practical approach.  If I just happen to lose interest in my life here in the U.S., I’d take all the money I have to my name, and just strand myself in Europe.  I’d just go train to train from town to town, staying in hostels and maybe finding a job here and there.  Well, maybe this isn’t as practical, but it might be fun.