There are quite a few things that I would like to do before I “kick the bucket.”  Most of these have to do with travel.  There are several places I would like to go both in the United States, and out of the country.  I also have a few items on my list related to entertainment, and also some that deal with my career. 

While travelling, I would like to go to Europe.  I would very much like to visit the United Kingdom, England and Scotland in particular.  Some of my ancestors hail from the county of Cheshire in northwestern England, so it’d be cool to explore those grounds, and my fiance and I both have ancestry dating back to some of the oldest Scottish clans.  While in Europe, I would also like to drink beer in the gardens of Munich, Germany, and experience wine tasting in some of Italy’s famous vineyards.  In the U.S., I would basically like to take a cross country trip from eastern North Carolina to southern California. Along the way, I’d definitely make stops in Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, Phoenix, and San Diego.  I’d probably hit a few other places on the way out there, and en route home, head through the middle of the country, hitting places like Aspen, St. Louis, Chicago, and Louisville on the way back. 

As far as entertainment goes, I want to see a Broadway show.  I enjoy the theater, and I would like to see a performance of such magnitude that I’m blown away.  There are also a few concerts I would very much like to see.  For starters, I want to see RUSH live.  I’ve heard their shows are great, and they’ve been doing long enough to where their venues are getting more and more exclusive.  Pink Floyd would also be a good gig to see.  Of course, the original lineup is no longer available, but none the less, I’ve heard David Gilmour puts on a show that many experience only once in a lifetime.  He’s also one of my favorite guitarists so that in itself would be a real treat.  Lastly, I’d like to see the Foo Fighters.  Every time I watch them live on TV or listen to live songs, I’m mesmorized.  Dave Grohl is a musical genius, and an excellent performer.  They all are really. 

As for my career goals, I only wish to do play-by-play for a major college or university football team.  I want to be “The Voice” of an SEC powerhouse, and I want to do it for a while, eventually becoming the voice that fans associate with the program, like Larry Munson was for Georgia. 

To round out my bucket list, I’d like to retire to an island, somewhere either in the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean.  I just want to be in some place where I can wake up everyday, and not have a thing to worry about or do.  I just want to be able to stroll around, listen to music, and enjoy a good beer/wine in peace.